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A few reasons why you should consider shooting with me.

  • You get to boost your confidence and look stunning in my aesthetic vision.

  • Your public image is safe in the hands of an experienced photographer that shot many models and girls with no experience.

  • The possibility of seeing yourself through an artist’s eye and being part of my artwork.

  • You are in a safe and comfortable environment challenging yourself to create something stunning.

  • If your intent is to become a model you can have really good shots for your portfolio right away without looking amateurish.

  • If you are already a model you can earn doing what you love and have good photos too.

Do you already model?

I know it's a job for you too, let's talk about it!

As I said I need a blank canvas  to work with and express my vision.

If you already model and love my photography you can still apply to shoot with me!

There are essentially 2 ways to work with me:

  1. Photography (paid or collaboration): A shooting with me for one of my projects and portfolio.

2. Backstage (paid): I shoot tutorials and backstages of my nude sets on Patreon. Here the main focus is the video, not the pictures.
For now I prefer to shoot backstages with girls I shot with before. If you still want to apply for it I would need a short free test before shooting the video.

*all models need to sign a release and all the content must be usable commercially too. For paid work photos are exclusive and it’s my discretion letting the model use them (always not commercial).

No experience?

No Problem!

My art exists to be seen and I want to share it with everyone. I need a blank canvas to work with, so experience is not required.

I get it, nudity is a very controversial matter and not everyone can afford to show it publicly.

Maybe you are a mother and never been a model, maybe you are a lawyer or a teacher and your image is a very delicate thing for you.

Don’t worry I totally understand.

That is why you can apply to do it anonymously!

Through my career I’ve photographed many girls and women that weren’t models, always protecting their image.

*Tattoos and body marks will be edited too

What's the catch?

It seems too good to be true but there's no catch, only my artistic journey.

  • I get to have applications to choose from, people with different bodies and structure. This makes easier for me to find subjects for my new projects.

  • I don’t have to chase models that are not professional but I can work with people that are really interested in my work.

  • I can fund all my projects thanks to platforms like Patreon to keep following my dream.

  • I get to work with different types of women and to demonstrate that you can use regular people to make art.¬†

How to apply

Few things I need for the application

Use one of the channels below to contact me and apply for the chance to shoot with me. Feel free to write me where did you find my work and a little bit about you too.

I will reach out if I choose you to shoot with.

  • Some photos of you or a video with no edit where I can understand your physique (won’t be shared with anyone).
  • Your boundaries in nude photography, what you feel comfortable and uncomfortable doing.
  • Your availability to shoot with me in Milan.
  • More info: experiences or no experiences, why you want to shoot with me, where did you find me? and if you are a model and open for collaboration too.

Become part of my Art Now

Contact me


Telegram is the best place to ask any type of information via chat without exchanging phone numbers or mails. If you like privacy, this is the place.


Instagram is the best place to see my portfolio and what content I publish on social media. Feel free to reach me via DM if it's best for you.


If you prefer writing me an email so you can explain your project or idea feel free to use this channel. There is some risk that you can end in spam but i check it often too.

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