Nelb Rodrigues

About me

I’m Nelb Rodrigues (yes it’s my real name) and I’m a Photographer and a Videomaker based in Milan, Italy

I’m from Espirito Santo (Brazil) but as you can see I have red hair!

That’s because my grandpa is a ginger too.
I’m really far from the world’s brazilian stereotype but I spent the first 10 years of my life there and 20 years in Italy.
My main personal work revolves around the combination of fashion and nude, timeless and classic, in constant evolution.

I’m 100% committed to my journey on nude photography creating art with international models from all over the world.

Videomaking & Content Creation

Working on my Youtube channel I developed videomaking skills that helped me improve my content creation and  succefully working with Brands.

I collaborate with brands like Nikon, Fujifilm, Xiaomi, Viltrox and so on to bring on my channel videos about gear and my photography journey.

My main audience is Italian (at least for now).


Fashion Nude

My work is rooted in portraiture as much as in fashion and as the time goes by my style becomes more refined and mature.

I want my nude art to be timeless and sometimes classic. My photos don’t have an expiration date because they’re not born from trends but from aesthetic and emotion.

I love the freedom I have in nude photography with the possibility of dressing and undressing at will to create more immersive work.

Latest Works


2022 – Paris: Imagenation Paris – Femme et Fatale

2023 – New York: Imagenation New York – Soho Photo Gallery

Contact me


Telegram is the best place to ask any type of information via chat without exchanging phone numbers or mails. If you like privacy, this is the place.


Instagram is the best place to see my portfolio and what content I publish on social media. Feel free to reach me via DM if it's best for you.


If you prefer writing me an email so you can explain your project or idea feel free to use this channel. There is some risk that you can end in spam but i check it often too.