Sometimes when I shoot someone else I kinda see myself in the result. It’s a part of my photography that I cannot explain clearly. It doesn’t always happen on purpose nor totally out of luck.

It just… happens.

It’s like lookin in the mirror and understanding a little bit more about me, who I am, what I might be feeling in that moment and so on.

One thing I understood about myself as an artist (yes, don’t judge me if I see myself as such) is the fact that I’m never whole.

I’m never fully satisfied, at least not for a long period of time.

What drives me to keep shooting is actually the idea of being whole, just for a moment. It’s like reminding and realizing what I live and fight for, my purpose.

The idea that, for a very brief second I can look into the camera and actually feel a very strong sense of peace.

That is what this piece of art is all about. Me.

I wanted to give the idea of myself as a work in progress. There are parts of me that I know so little of, sketches of a part of me that is still developing.

Other parts of me think they are complete but they also look at myself as a whole and wonder: “who am I? What part of me represents the truth about me?”

I don’t maky any sense, till the moment I’m whole again.

A really speacial thanks to @donninecolvino for helping me out on this one. I fell in love with her drawings and art, most of all I fell in love with her path as an Artist.

As a young artist her sketches are evolving and there is a great power in this early evolution of the art.

I kinda see myself in it.