Nelb Rodrigues

About me

I’m Nelb Rodrigues (yes it’s my real name) and I’m a portrait photographer.

What intrigues me the most in photography is the possibility and the opportunity I get to resonate with people all over the world.
I love when someone is so attracted by one of my works that he/she feels the necessity to share with me what he/she felt in that moment. 

Sharing my passion and my point of view about the world through my photography is the reason why I shoot.

Works & Collaborations

Xiaomi, Fujifilm, Ciesse Piumini, Muster & Dikson, Jameson Whiskey, Maserati, Hawkers, BenQ, Saal Digital, Braun, Dolly Noire…


2022 – Paris: Imagenation Paris – Femme et Fatale